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Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

New Car 2011 Hamann BMW X6 Tycoon Evo M


2011 Hamann BMW X6 Tycoon Evo M is the last amendment of the X6. Body size of the new edition has been expanded. The dresses were also integrated as LED lights.

The interiors have been updated and new fixtures were installed so that the best exhaust systems, bumpers styles and the top of the series powerplant operation. And Now This car is more aerodynamic, which indicated several changes have been created to the base.


The powerplant of the New Car Hamann 2011 BMW X6 Tycoon also has much more power in your engine compared to previous models.

In point, this engine  model is viewed as one of the quickest cars currently. Some of the changes they make to the creation of this engine are: inclusion of a current ECU, Tucker metal system and, especially, to changing the conventional powerplant with a turbo engine.

Engine : V8 DOHC
Power : 670 Horsepower
Accelerated : 0-60 mph on 4.2 seconds
Maximum Speed : 186 mph or 299 km/h
Maximum RPM : 6000rpm

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BMW 2011 Hamann BMW X6 Tycoon Evo M is really luxurious cars which comes from the world's prestigious automobile brand. As the post shows the efficient features of this classy cars in this source. I am totally crazy to see this one. Thanks for sharing

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