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Selasa, 23 September 2014

The Most Top 10 Car Brands In The World

The Most Top 10 Car Brands In The World ~ As reported by, Tuesday, May 10, 2011, there were Top 10 Car Brands are worth more than the highest score on planet Earth. Interestingly, 10 brands, Toyota topped the list of most valuable brands in the car.

The existence Japanese auto s produced in the most valuable car brand is not surprising. The problem is some time at Toyota repeatedly exposed to the problem of product recall and act quickly to solve the problem.

So, Toyota has become a very reliable brand. The company always has to act responsibly. This shows the resilience of the brand , said Peter Walshe, Millward Brown Brandz director, told Automotive News Europe, Monday, yesterday.

Back in the world 's largest automaker has made history, becoming the most valuable brands auto research for three seasons in a row from 2006 to 2009. But in 2010, a position displaced by BMW.

As for this year, the position of the BMW was back in the second. The German company, now ranks 30th of 100 most valuable brands of cars in the world.

Most Top 10 Car Brands In The World Search Results:

1. Toyota
2. BMW
3. Mercedes
4. Honda
5. Porsche
6. Nissan
7. Volkswagen
8. Ford
10. Lexus

* The Surveyor Car Brands : The Consultant Agency Millward Brown Brandz, Survey on 2011 "The TOP 100 Most Valuable Brand"

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